Hermes Silk Scarf Sarasvati by Zoe Pauwels GRAIL

$ 499

Sarasvati by Zoe Pauwels was issued in 2006 and pays homage to the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, the arts, wisdom and learning.  Madame Pauwels is a big fan of both music and math and many times her scarves will reflect or be inspired by either or both. 

Beautiful scarf with exquisite colors and fabulous detail and another wonderful example of Madame Pauwels' artistry.

This is a "Sale" scarf and has the very light "S" stamp underneath the care tag that cannot be seen on the right side of the scarf.

- excellent pre-owned condition with no issues
- copyright
- care tag
- signed 
- soft silk drapes beautifully
- hand rolled hem
- made in France
- 100 % pure twill silk
- approx. size: 36 x 36 inches or 90 x 90 cm 
- guaranteed authentic
- gift wrapped
- subject to prior sale

Additional Photos available on my HERMES Scarf Blog

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