Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Napoleon Light Blue Colorway

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The Napoleon carre was designed by Philippe Ledoux and issued for the first time in 1963 and re-issued in 1985.  Based on the copyright, a small "c" incorporated into the knot of the bow in the lower right corner, hints at the original issue.

This bee jacquard carre pays homage to Napoleon Bonaparte. Five vignettes depict the French emperor in great detail throughout his reign. Bee, the symbol of immortality and resurrection, as to link the new dynasty to the very origins of France, was chosen by Napoleon along with the eagle, to be emblems of the Empire.

Ledoux, the master of detail and story depiction, and perhaps the most beloved of all Hermes designers, has created an unforgettable scarf, a true timeless Classic worthy of any great collection.

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