Belle Chasse Hermes Silk Scarf Henri de Linares RARE

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Belle Chasse Hermes silk twill scarf (100% silk) - Vintage

Designed by Henri de Linares in 1963

Overall Excellent Vintage Condition - please refer to full description below*
Measures 36" x 36"
Early Copyright - 3rd photo
Hand Rolled Hem mostly flat
Made in France

This carre is most likely from the original issue based on the "c" copyright symbol hidden inside the wing in third photo.  The colors are vibrant and still spectacular. 

*Detailed Condition Report:

  • Scarf has numerous small and/or faint spots and wear marks scattered throughout.
  • Several pulled threads 
  • There are weak spots primarily in the corners near hem that can be seen when scarf is held up.

Monsieur de Linares often centered his scarves around the hunt, which he was quite passionate about.  Known and loved for his intricate details and exquisite coloring, his scarves are sought after and collected by many.

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