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Carre de Paris - is dedicated to provide you with a hand-picked selection of authentic vintage and pre-owned Hermes scarves.

Shop our growing collection of jacquard, rare and collector carres, reversible shawls, riding jackets, ties and more.  All our scarves are carefully selected and screened for authenticity.  We search the world over to bring you not just the Classics, such as Ex Libris, Springs and Brides de Gala, but also highly sought-after and hard to find collector carres.  

What started as a lifelong passion slowly grew into a business.  

Researching the inspiration behind a scarf, is both fascinating and rewarding, especially, when I receive comments from relatives of artists such as Hugo Grygkar and Philippe Ledoux.  

Providing personalized service is my primary goal.

Thank you for shopping with us and for sharing my passion.

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Press Coverage

"The age and popularity of a scarf coupled with its condition, will be the primary determining factors in the value of your scarf. But as an avid collector myself, I have been known to “overpay” for a Le Bois de Boulogne, simply, because I love this scarf."
What is my HERMES scarf worth, you wonder…
Carré de Paris ~ Hermes Scarves. Interesting Facts & Photos - January 07, 2016
"Designing carrés, Hugo worked in close collaboration with Robert Dumas, who would guide him in the choice of the subjects, drawing on his abundant private art collection as well as that of Emile–Maurice Hermès."
Hugo Grygkar, the Father of the Carré Hermès
Carré de Paris ~ Hermes Scarves. Interesting Facts & Photos - May 19, 2013
"Philippe Ledoux has a wonderful way to bring Parisian past to life, not just in this scarf but in so many others..."
Pont Neuf Paris and the HERMES Scarf it Inspired
Carré de Paris ~ Hermes Scarves. Interesting Facts & Photos - October 28, 2015


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