Hermes Hommage a l’Explorateur Sir Ernest Shackleton White CW GRAIL

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Hommage a l’Explorateur Sir Ernest Shackleton* was designed by Zoe Pauwels and issued in 2005. One of the most sought after modern carres, this is definitely a MUST-Have. 

In her carre, Zoe Pauwels transforms the Antarctic, the coldest and iciest place on earth, into a magical place where man has set foot for the very first time and is greeted by curious locals who have come out en masse.

Just like the Antarctic landscape, this scarf mirrors the color scheme of its subject matter.  While snowy white glaciers are being explored by Sir Shackleton's crew, the cool blue waters are full of frolicking penguins, sea lions, and whales. The ocher sun has just come up and has cast a magical spell over this busy landscape...

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