Hermes Les Poulains Xavier de Poret Unworn w/BOX Early Issue Grail

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Les Poulains, the Foals, is a highly coveted scarf, which was first issued in 1960. Created by Xavier de Poret, a famous and accomplished artist, this carre celebrates the birth of a Thoroughbred foal.

Although Monsieur de Poret specialized in drawing birds and animals, he was also an accomplished portrait artist. All in all he created about fourteen carres for the Maison Hermes, all of which are highly sought after and collected the world over.  

Truly a rare find...

As Thoroughbred horses are bred so they will be born as early in the calendar year as possible in order to meet qualifying entry requirements, this carre could not come at a better time. 

Great timing Les Poulains to arrive now… after all, the best foals are bred to be born in January.  

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