La Grande Armee Hermes Scarf by Marie-Francoise Heron 90 cm Silk Early Vintage RARE

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La Grande Armee Hermes Scarf (100% silk) - Early RARE Issue 

Designed by Francoise-Marie Heron in 1976

Excellent Condition - please see below*
Measures approx. 36" x 36"
Early Copyright
Hand Rolled Hem still pretty plump, right side of border slightly not parallel
Made in France
Blue/ Off White/Multi - colors are vibrant 
Vintage Hermes Scarf Envelope shows definite signs of use

* Carre has been professionally cleaned and about 90% of spots have been eliminated.  We recommend additional cleaning. Several light and/or small spots and wear marks have remained and one rather large "brownish" spot that happens to blend in with the design (lower right area starting with 7th Hussard from the right)

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