CONSIGNMENT made Simple -

If you are like so many of us, you probably have more than one scarf and some that are your favorites and some that spend most of their time neatly tucked away in a drawer. Why not turn them into cash? How about all those unworn ties, shoes, handbags and more?  Clean out your closets and drawers and cash in while getting organized.

You receive:

55% of the final selling price 

62% for each item that sells for $1,000 and above

75%  that sells for $5,000 and above

Please remember, there are NO FEES at Carre de Paris©!

Your scarf/item

Has to be authentic and in excellent pre-owned/vintage condition.  Must be free of any stains and holes. Any pulled threads are subject to review. If we receive your scarf and decide that it does not meet or exceed our standards, we will return your scarf to you at your expense.  We price your item, market it until it it sold and you get paid.

Valuation Services start at $59 per item

Authentication Services start at $59 per item

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